E85 Fueling Stations


If you purchase a flexible fuel vehicle, it is your choice what fuel you fill it up with. The next time you take a ride in a car, look at the gas station signs to see if E85 is a choice for fuel. You will notice that not all gas stations sell E85, and in some areas of the country, you may not be able to find any gas stations that sell E85.

EXPLORE: Find a map of E85 fueling stations.

1. What is the closest E85 fueling station to your home?
2. Is there more than one E85 fueling station in your city?
3. Are there any states without any ethanol fueling stations?
4. Where is the closest ethanol production facility to your home town?

On the left side of the screen there is a tab entitled “layers”. There are many types of layers which you can choose. Make sure that the only box which is checked is the one with the label “E85”. By clicking the “+” or “-” symbol in the upper left corner of the map, you can zoom in or zoom out on the map.

More information is available on this map. You can look at fueling stations and production facilities. Continue to explore the map according to your interests. This can be done by checking and/or unchecking the boxes next to the different options.

Corn Ethanol FFVRecall that current United States ethanol production is made from corn. Lignocellulosic biomass as a feedstock for ethanol production is still in the research and development stages.

(Image: Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Credit - Noni Strawn.)