What is Being Done in Michigan


Michigan Technological University’s Wood to Wheels Research Initiative

EXPLORE: The W2W program bridges the entire biomass development-production-consumption life cycle. Research is in areas including forest resources, bioprocessing, engine/vehicle systems, and sustainable decision making (Shonnard et al., 2008).

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

This is one of three national centers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. These centers are collaborations between universities and businesses.

Frontier Renewable Resources, LLC

This company is opening a cellulosic ethanol plant in Kinross, MI.

Alpena Prototype Biorefinery

This plant is designated a Michigan Center of Energy Excellence. It will be a pilot scale cellulosic ethanol plant which uses processed wood left over from the production of hardboard (Gustafson, 2009).

Biomass Fuel Cycle

(Illustration source: Sue Hill, Michigan Technological University.)