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Michigan Technological

Sustainable Futures Institute
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Southern University
and A & M College

Nelson Mandela School of
Public Policy and Urban Affairs

410 Higgins Hall
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813
Phone: 225.771.3092
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Education & Training
IGERT Students are encouraged to take coursework outside of their home disciplines. These courses help enhance the students knowledge based and their understanding of the Sustainable Futures Model.

For this IGERT, Michigan Technological University and Southern University, Baton Rouge have developed two courses and adopted an existing colloquium class to better meet the needs of the Community of Scholars.
ENG 5510, Sustainable Futures 1

Covers introductory and intermediate concepts of Sustainable Development. Explores methods/tools for assessing sustainability from economic, environmental, societal perspectives for current and emerging industrial technologies. Life cycle assessment is the major tool for evaluating sustainability. Explores applications of LCA in the public policy arena and also in the private sector. Industrial applications of sustainable development is further explored through case studies and guest lectures.

This course is taught at Michigan Tech and transmitted to SUBR via distance learning technology.

ENG 5520, Sustainable Futures 2

Covers sustainability in developed and developing countries. Topics include policy analysis, regulatory impact & cost benefit analyses, trade & markets, laws & regulations, international disasters, GIS applications, green manufacturing, and evolution of environmental policy in U.S. and other countries.

This course is taught at SUBR and transmitted to Michigan Tech via distance learning technology.

ENG 5530 - Graduate Colloquium in Sustainability

Introduces students to general and specific issues related to sustainability. Topics include review and discussion of historical readings that define the movement towards sustainability, international issues related to sustainable development, corporate leadership, consumption, and societal issues.

This course is taught at Michigan Tech and transmitted to SUBR via distance learning technology.

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainability formally recognizes curricular breadth in the following areas: i) policy, societal, and economic systems, ii) environmental systems, and iii) industrial systems. The student has the opportunity to achieve specialized education in engineering, forestry, science, social sciences, humanities, business, and economics.

This Certificate requires a total of 15 credits. Students must take Sustainable Futures I (ENG5510/SS5510) and Sustainable Futures II (ENG5520/SS5520) and a minimum of one class from each of the three other categories and obtain a grade of B or higher in each of the courses. At least 9 of the total certificate credits (course and research credits) must be at the 5000-level or higher. This Certificate is only open to students enrolled in a graduate program. The current list of courses can be found here.



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