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Environmental Education & Urban Teacher Initiative


Environmental Education & Urban Teacher Initiative

MEECS Ecosystems and Biodiversity Workshop
9:00‐3:30 pm, Saturday, December 4, 2010 ~ Belle Isle Nature Zoo
Presenter: Jessica Wagenmaker, middle school science teacher
Holton Middle School, Twin Lake, MI 49457
Email: wagenma@holton.k12.mi.us Tel: 231‐828‐1079

SB‐CEDUs: Teachers may register to earn 1.0 SB‐CEUs by attending both the Dec. 4 and Jan. 22 workshops

9:00 AM Introductions: Biodiversity Blitz (Lesson 6)
9:15 Lesson 1‐ Ecosystem Basics
        What is an ecosystem?
        Ecosystem scavenger hunt
        Wild Life Riddles
9:45 Lesson 2‐ It’s All Connected
        Energy levels in ecosystems
        Energy flow scavenger hunt
10:00 BREAK
10:15 Who eats what in Michigan Ecosystems?
11:00 Who am I?
11:15 Lesson 3‐ Nature’s Recycling
        Review water cycle…. Drop around the world
        Review photosynthesis and carbon cycle
        Nutrient cycle‐ Organic Matter in Soil
Noon Lunch (provided)
12:45 PM Lesson 4‐ Ecosystems what have they done for you lately?
        Ecosystem Charades
1:15 Lesson 5‐ Michigan’s Time Machine & Michigan time line
1:30 Lesson 7‐ Biodiversity Study
        Discuss outdoor biodiversity study & Indoor biodiversity study
2:00 Lesson 8‐ Threats to protect Michigan’s Biodiversity
        Problems and protection card game
2:30 BREAK
2:45 Lesson 9‐ Michigan’s Threatened Species
        Most Unwanted: Invasive Species Cards
        Decline of the Passenger Pigeon
3:00 Sharing: What can you use on Monday?
3:20 Workshop Evaluations