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SFI weekly newsletter (February 18, 2008)
A weekly service of SFI –


1. Princeton U. pledges to reduce emissions Feb 22, 2008 The Trenton Times    
2. Carbon Sequestration Test Begins near Gaylord Michigan
3. Study: Religion colors Americans’ views of nanotechnology
4. Ecology Coatings gets fifth U.S. patent
5. Michigan-based  NextDiesel gets more biodiesel production capacity
6. Company Offers New Wind Turbine
7. News from Focus the Nation

1. SFI Colloquium on Sustainability - February 29, 2007


1. Campus Sustainability Coordinator, U New England
2. Sustainability Coordinator, UC Santa Barbara
3. Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, Duke U-- Applications are due February 22, Today!
4. Dir., Ctr. For Environmental & Sustainability Education, Dickinson C
5. Energy & LEED-EB Manager, Caltech
6. 3 Full-Time Staff, United Students Against Sweatshops
7. Professor, Business and Sustainability, Portland State U
8. Asst. Prof., Env., Peace & Security, American U & U Peace
9. Environmental Science Faculty, Nova Southeastern U

1. Evaluation of the Environmental Efficiency of Food Production in Environment In Focus
2. MSU and News/Talk 760 WJR radio Launched “Greening of the Great Lakes”
3. System Innovation For Sustainability 1: Perspectives on Radical Changes to
4. Call for Papers Special Issue Benchmarking: An International Journal
Benchmarking the Greening Of Business
5. Evaluation of the Environmental Efficiency of Food Production in Environment In Focus

1. Green Building Seminar Traverse City MI March 5, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
2. Expanding Your Markets by Exporting: Houghton, Wed, March 12,2008--9:00- 10:30 a.m.
3. Clean Tech Innovation & Growth 2008 March 18-19, 2008, San Jose
4. 6th Annual Green Building Conference March 27-28, 2008
5. Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop March 31 – April 1, 2008; University of Utah
6.  National Student Day of Action to Fight Climate Change Injustice April 4, 2008,  George Washington U; Washington, DC
7.  International Conference on Construction and Building Technology in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--16-20 June 2008
8. Lean and Green Summit July 17-18, 2008 St Julien Hotel & Spa Boulder, CO

Please send items for inclusion in SFI weekly newsletter to Qiong (Jane) Zhang, Operation Manager, at, or call (906)487-3612, or Denise Heikinen, Administrative Associate, at, or call (906)487-0044.



1. Princeton U. pledges to reduce emissions Feb 22, 2008 The Trenton Times    

Princeton University unveiled what it touts as an aggressive environmental conservation plan for itself yesterday, joining a growing number of schools nationwide that have made similar commitments in recent years. The cornerstone of Princeton's plan calls for slashing greenhouse gas emissions from its main campus by reducing carbon dioxide output to 1990 levels in 12 years. Princeton would scale back its carbon dioxide by 2020 even as its 10-year campus capital plan calls for adding 2 million square feet of building space. In 2005, Yale University set an even more ambitious goal for itself: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 10 percent less than 1990 levels by 2020.Solutions include applying alternative technologies and alternative fuel options to the central power facility and retrofitting buildings to improve their energy efficiency, according to Princeton. See “How green is your campus? Princeton U. pledges to reduce emissions” by Robert Stern, The Trenton Times  Feb 22, 2008    

2. Carbon Sequestration Test Begins near Gaylord Michigan
A research team that includes partners from industry, academia and government has begun a test of injecting high pressure carbon dioxide into a deep saline geologic formation more than 3,000 feet underground, 11 miles east of the City of Gaylord. The experiment, part of the United States Department of Energy's Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Phase II Project, is designed to provide better understanding of the potential for deep-underground storage (called geologic sequestration) as a means to prevent carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere, where it is believed to contribute to climate change.

"This sequestration field test by our Midwest partnership region serves as one of many ongoing nationwide tests to demonstrate the feasibility of permanently storing greenhouse gases," said Jim Slutz, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy. "The success of each of these tests moves the nation's carbon sequestration program another step closer to determining the processes best suited to address the overall issue of global warming."

MRCSP began injecting the carbon dioxide in early February and expects to complete the injection of 10,000 tons by the end of March. The carbon dioxide is being captured from a DTE Energy natural gas processing plant about eight miles from injection site. The pressurized, high-density carbon dioxide is transported to the injection well through an existing pipeline. After injection is complete, scientists will conduct tests to determine how the carbon dioxide responds to being contained within the targeted geologic formations. The results of those tests are expected to be available in later in 2008.

The MRCSP, one of seven DOE-sponsored regional partnerships, is led by Battelle, a non-profit global leader in technology development and commercialization.
The MRCSP includes a 30-plus member team of state and federal officials, leading universities, state geological surveys, non-governmental organizations, and private companies in the eight-state region of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Partners involved in the Michigan Basin test, in addition to Battelle and the site operator, Core Energy LLC, include DTE Energy, the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at Western Michigan University, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Office of Geological Survey.
David Ball, Battelle's project manager for MRCSP, said this carbon dioxide sequestration field test draws on several advantages of this site, including the infrastructure for supplying and transporting carbon dioxide due to DTE Energy and Core Energy commercial operations there along with suitable geologic formations for storage of carbon dioxide in the area. "Although the test is very small in scale, it holds great promise as an important step in building our knowledge and helping future generations to address global warming," Ball said.

Geoscientists at the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at WMU have concluded from their research carried out for MRCSP that formations throughout the state may contain enough capacity to store hundreds of years' worth of current emission levels from large point sources of carbon dioxide in the state. Ball points out that the ability to inject carbon dioxide into deep geological formations is only part of the solution. "For geologic sequestration to be successful, we will need to develop reliable, efficient and economical technologies to separate or, in other words, capture carbon dioxide from large fossil fuel fired processes like those at power plants, steel mills, cement plants and other industrial operations," he said. "Research is progressing in that area, but economical capture technology is not ready for commercial application today."

Ball added that addressing climate change will require multiple technologies in addition to geologic sequestration. He said some of those include increases in use of renewable energy, increased energy conservation and energy conversion efficiency, and increases in carbon sequestration through terrestrial methods, where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by plants and converted to carbon in the soil and root matter.
From GLIT report See also “Team begins carbon dioxide injection test” Feb 22, 2008 Lansing State Journal

3. Study: Religion Colors Americans’ Views of Nanotechnology
According to a poll conducted by Dietram Scheufel, a professor of life sciences communication at the University of Wisconsin  at Madison only 30% of the American public believes  that work  of nanotechnology is morally acceptable.

4.Ecology Coatings gets fifth U.S. patent
Latest Patent Protects Manufacturing Process and Methods for Environmentally
Friendly Coating Used On A Wide Variety of Composite Materials
Bloomfield Hills-based Ecology Coatings Inc. (OTCBB: ECOC) said its patent covers the processes and underlying technologies for producing environmentally friendly, nanotechnology-enabled coatings for, but not limited to, fiberglass, fire retardant fiberglass, carbon fiber, fire retardant carbon fiber, Kevlar and fire retardant Kevlar. More at

5. Michigan-based  NextDiesel Gets More Biodiesel Production Vapacity
New York City-based GreenShift Corp. Wednesday announced an agreement with Adrian-based Biofuel Industries Group LLC, which does business at NextDiesel. Under the deal, GreenShift will design and build more than $10 million worth of biodiesel production, feedstock pre-treatment and related process equipment based on GreenShift’s proprietary biofuel technologies. GreenShift had previously sold NextDiesel an early version of its 10 million gallon per year biodiesel production system. NextDiesel is using this equipment today to produce and sell biodiesel out of pork fat, crude vegetable oils and other feedstocks. Under the new agreements, GreenShift will design, build and commission an additional 20 million gallons per year of biodiesel production capacity with full alternative feedstock processing capabilities. In addition, GreenShift’s process engineers will manage plant operations during the construction of the increased capacity in return for a fee based upon NextDiesel’s earnings through Dec. 31, 2008. More.

6. Company Offers New Wind Turbine
A new company in Ortonville, Michigan, is marketing a $3,995 vertical axis wind turbine capable of generating approximately 1,200 watts of power. Unlike huge commercial wind turbines, the Windspire is only 30 feet tall and takes up only four square feet of ground space.
More about the Windspire at or

7. News from Focus the Nation
“Invest in the Clean Energy Revolution !” At the top of their list, Focus the Nation teams across the country vote to support a $25 billion per year public investment program in the new renewable technologies that young people will need to rewire the entire planet, and stabilize the climate. Close behind in the Choose Your Future Vote were policies to promote cleaner cars, a green jobs program, and a national requirement to build green. Learn more, and see the vote results, by clicking on

1.   Invest in the Clean Energy Revolution 13%
2.   Cleaner Cars, California-Style12%
3.   Create Green Jobs, Save Energy 12%
4.   Build Green: Carbon Neutral by 2030 12%
5.   Get Efficient — Cut Energy, Save Money 11%
6.   Support Stronger Forests 11%
7.   Tax Global Warming Pollution 9%
8.   No New Coal Plants without "Capture and Sequestration" 7%
9.   Cap CO2 Emissions, Share the Auction Revenues 7%
10.  Jumpstart Low Polluting Biofuel 6%
1. SFI Colloquium on Sustainability - February 29, 2007

Next Friday's SFI Colloquium will include a discussion of the paper, "Sustainability, Coastal Erosion and Climate Change: An Environmental Justice Analysis," by M. Stallworthy published in Journal of Environmental Law (2006).

For more details about the Colloquium, and for a copy of the paper, visit For access to readings, the username is "reader" and the password is "want2read."

The SFI Colloquium on Sustainability will be held each Friday this semester in MEEM 208 from noon-1pm. Southern University-Baton Rouge participates via videoconferencing.

All are invited. Input and ideas are always welcome!


To submit research proposals through the Sustainable Futures Institute, add “SFI” to the DEPT/CENTER/INSTITUTE(S) column for identifying the PI’s and co-PI’s. The transmittal sheet must then be signed by the SFI Director, John Sutherland, on page 3. (If John Sutherland is unavailable for signing transmittal sheets, Qiong (Jane) Zhang can also sign for SFI). Submitting proposals under SFI provides wider publicity and  recognition for your research as well as a 10% return on your incentive account.

1. Campus Sustainability Coordinator, U New England
The University of New England is hiring a part time temporary sustainability coordinator to be filled as soon as possible. This position is designed to research and make recommendations to the University and to be an advocate for sustainability initiatives on two separate campuses by working constructively and collaboratively with various stakeholders, other offices, programs, and staff. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, plus one to two years relevant experience in an academic setting and/or in completing cost-benefit analyses or a combination of education and experience from which comparable skills and knowledge are obtained. Masters in relevant area of study preferred. Relocation assistance is offered. The position is open until filled.

2. Sustainability Coordinator, UC Santa Barbara
The University of California Santa Barbara is seeking a Sustainability Coordinator. The successful candidate will assist the Sustainability Manager and Campus Energy Manager on projects related to green building, climate change, campus sustainability outreach, and resource conservation. The candidate should have knowledge about the LEED rating system and experience in climate change and energy conservation. Applications are due February 25, 2008. (link doesn't work)

3. Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, Duke U-- Applications are due February 22, Today!
Duke University is seeking applicants for a Sustainability Outreach Coordinator in the Sustainable Duke program. Fifty percent of this job will be dedicated to developing and implementing behavior modification programs to reduce environmental impacts associated with staff, faculty and student resource consumption in student living quarters and in academic, research, athletic and administrative buildings year-round. This includes recruiting, coordinating, training and motivating students to continue the successful Students for Sustainable Living program. The other fifty percent of the job will be dedicated to publicizing Duke’s sustainability efforts and engaging internal and external audiences through writing, speaking, planning and implementing events, and maintaining the Duke Sustainability website. A bachelor's degree or equivalent education and experience is required. Experience with university sustainability programs is preferred. Applications are due February 22, Today! 2008.

4. Dir., Ctr. For Environmental & Sustainability Education, Dickinson C
Dickinson College seeks a Director for its new Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education. The Center Director will provide leadership for a major, interdisciplinary, initiative to make environmental and sustainability studies a defining characteristic of the College's academic program. The Director's responsibilities will include assisting in the creation of new courses and enhancing existing offerings, conducting faculty development workshops/projects, creating and supporting student research and academic internships, integrating the College's extensive co-curricular programs with the curriculum, and administering an Environmental Education Fund in support of these activities. The Director will also teach one or two courses per year in an area of his/her environmental expertise. The Center Director reports directly to the Provost. Review of applicants will begin March 15, 2008.

5. Energy & LEED-EB Manager, Caltech
The California Institute of Technology seeks an Energy and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings Manager. Reporting to the Director for Campus Operations, this position will provide leadership and direction in developing and institutionalizing an aggressive energy management and LEED- EB agenda required to support Caltech’s goal of becoming a leader in environmental excellence. The position will develop and implement a comprehensive program for energy management and for LEED-EB, benchmarking best practices and employing and supporting new initiatives to reduce Caltech’s environmental footprint while enabling and promoting Caltech’s research mission. The position will establish and maintain an effective communication strategy, and develop and coordinate interrelationships with Pasadena Water and Power as well as other higher education institutions. A Bachelor's in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering preferred.

6. 3 Full-Time Staff, United Students Against Sweatshops
United Students Against Sweatshops is hiring a Development Coordinator, a Domestic Campaigns Coordinator, and an International Campaigns Coordinator to begin in June of 2008. Each position requires a two-year commitment, a dedication to social and economic justice, and a willingness to work independently. Applications are due March 15, 2008.

7. Professor, Business and Sustainability, Portland State U
The Portland State University School of Business Administration is seeking candidates for a tenure track academic position in Sustainability and Social Responsibility beginning in the fall of 2008. Responsibilities include engaging in research on topics relevant to sustainability/social responsibility and teaching and researching in the area of strategy, organizational behavior and/or entrepreneurship. Candidates will have a doctoral degree in business or related field with an emphasis in management and a strong research portfolio in areas related to ecological and/or social issues in business. Applications are due February 29, 2008.

8. Asst. Prof., Env., Peace & Security, American U & U Peace
American University and the University for Peace are seeking an Assistant Professor in the Environment, Peace and Security Department. A qualified lecturer with expertise in the field of natural resources and sustainable development is required as a resident faculty within the program. The Assistant Professor will work together with other staff in the department to develop, coordinate and implement the postgraduate programs in the department. The Assistant Professor will collaborate with the wider faculty of UPEACE as required in the development and delivery of the broader academic program of UPEACE. The position will begin in August 2008 at the latest. Applications are due March 10, 2009.

9. Environmental Science Faculty, Nova Southeastern U
Nova Southeastern University's Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences seeks a candidate to teach courses in Environmental Science Division of Math, Science, & Technology. A Master's degree required and a Ph.D. degree is strongly preferred. Background in global warming, water and air quality, energy issues, environmental geology/geography, GIS technology, environmental chemistry are a plus. Active research programs and/or field projects is also required.
1. MSU and News/Talk 760 WJR radio Launched “Greening of the Great Lakes”
The goal of the Web site is to provide information and insight into the organizations committed to making the Great Lakes region a leader in environmental practices. It’s designed to be an online resource for anyone interested in learning about the Great Lakes region, related environmental issues and ways that they can protect the environment. Almost all of the information and resources on the site are and will continue to be provided by MSU and Web site sponsors. About a dozen companies currently sponsor the site, including MSU’s Land Policy Institute and Office of Biobased Technologies and Schupan Recycling. The Web site is divided into several categories including Agriculture, Biobased Technologies, Companies Contributing, ECO/AGRI Tourism, Energy, Green Building, Green Careers, Green Facts, Green Products, Public Policy, Recycling, Transportation, Green Events and Water and Land. The news feed-- Green in the News and Regional Green in the News--is produced by MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism through a news service called Michigan's Echo.

2. System Innovation For Sustainability 1: Perspectives on Radical Changes to Sustainable Consumption and Production
Edited by Arnold Tukker, Martin Charter, Carlo Vezzoli, Eivind Stø and Maj Munch Andersen
Published 4 March 2008-List price: GBP50.00 EUR75.00 USD$100.00.   Order online and receive 20% discount --Offer ends 4 March 2008.

Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) was adopted as a priority area during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 and has since become one of the main vehicles for targeting international sustainability policy.
Each chapter of this book examines problems and suggests solutions from a business, design, consumer and system innovation perspective. It primarily examines the differing solutions necessary in the consumer economies of the West, but also comments on the differing needs in rapidly emerging economies such as China, as well as base-of-the-pyramid economies. The 'System Innovation for Sustainability' series is the fruit of the only major international research network on SCP and will set the standard in this field for some years to come. It will be required reading for all involved in the policy debate on sustainable production and consumption from government, business, academia and NGOs for designers, scientists, businesses and system innovators.

3. Call for Papers Special Issue Benchmarking: An International Journal Benchmarking The Greening Of Business
Over the previous two decades businesses have felt increased pressure from a variety of stakeholders including regulators, communities, shareholders, employees, nongovernmental organizations, and competitors on various natural environmental issues. Researchers and practitioners have implemented and studied a number of reactive and proactive measures to help organizations respond to these pressures. In fact, many organizations have come to realize that organizational strategies and practices that incorporate the natural environment can be a source of competitive advantage. Studies in this area have focused on financial, accounting, operations, marketing, labor, policy, technological and strategic topics that organizations are pursuing. Integral to the management of corporate environmental practices is the use of benchmarking. Corporate environmental benchmarking is becoming a major element in the environmental management of organizations. With the advent of environmental reporting, mandatory and voluntary reporting of environmental information, and ISO 14000 standards based performance evaluation, and “traditional” environmental organizational practices such as design for the environment and life cycle analysis, the role of benchmarking becomes even more critical.
 Management and researchers can benefit greatly from exposure to the state of the art practices and research in Benchmarking Green Business. Thus, we are seeking to provide a single source of information on these latest practices and issues related to benchmarking corporate greening. We are looking for high quality papers and studies that can be valuable to both the management and research communities. We will not limit the type of papers since we are looking for a broad spectrum of practice and research in this evolving area. We wish to include conceptual and practical, applied studies including analytical, empirical and methodological papers. Case studies are also welcome contributions. The aim of this special issue is to cover a number of topical areas within corporate environmental benchmarking. Examples of topics that could be addressed in this special issue include, but are not limited to:
 • Strategic Benchmarking - How organizations use environmental benchmarking to guide organizational long term development of competitive advantage based on environmental issues. Integration of environmental with other corporate goals, including other sustainability and social goals is especially encouraged. Using strategic environmental benchmarking data for research and evaluation of corporate financial and market performance may also fall within this category.
 • Environmental benchmarking’s role in decreased governmental oversight of corporate environmental performance and as a voluntary tool.
 • The impact of the global reporting initiative and environmental reporting on corporate environmental performance. This issue may include the roles of internal and external benchmarking for managing environmental performance of organizations.
 • Tools and models for corporate environmental benchmarking including:- Life Cycle Analysis’s role- Performance Analysis (gap analysis tools) e.g. eco-efficiency ratios and measure- Econometric models to evaluate the relative performance of environmental programs.- Frameworks for planning, design, implementation and maintenance of environmental benchmarking data and practices.- Industrial ecology and supply chain linkages- The determination, selection and application of appropriate performance measures and metrics.- Valuation and accounting of benchmarking measures.
• The role of benchmarking and performance measurement across the supply chain, and the role of ISO 14001/14031 standards and certification, including continuous improvement analysis to moderate the influence of industrial greening performance.
• Using the Internet and other pervasive information technologies to aid in benchmarking.
• The role of various governmental sources and programs to aid in benchmarking and monitoring corporate environmental behavior.
• Environmental benchmarking practices across and within various industrial sectors including manufacturing, service, agricultural, and construction sectors.
 The submissions will be subject to a double blind peer review process. Papers will be evaluated on their clarity, contribution, suitability to the special issue, and overall quality. All submissions should be made through Manuscript Central (, following the guidelines at:
The deadline for submission is September 30, 2008.
Guest Editor: Professor Joseph Sarkis
Graduate School of Management, Clark University

3. Evaluation of the Environmental Efficiency of Food Production in Environment In Focus
 This week Dr. Claudine Bassett-Mens of AgResearch and Dr. Hayo van der Werf of the
National Institute of Agronomic Research discuss the overall efficiency of food production. See also (1) Road Ecology by Dr. John Lloyd
(2) Biological diversity in Southwest Australia from Conservation International
(3) History of hydrology by Dr. Jason A. Hubbart
<>   <>  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. Green Building Seminar   Traverse City MI March 5, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Green Building practices are becoming the standard benchmark of excellence in the construction industry. "Green Building for Performance, Durability, Comfort, and Health: Tactics for Success" is a one-day seminar being held at Northwestern Michigan College's Milliken Auditorium on March 5, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information or to register, call 231-995-1700, go to, or stop into the NMC Extended Educational Services office, room 102 at the University Center on Cass Road in Traverse City.

2. Expanding Your Markets by Exporting--Houghton, Wednesday, March 12 , 2008 Time: 9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Upper Peninsula Power Company Building - Community Room, 600 E. Lakeshore Dr.
Presented by: U.S. Department of Commerce - U.S. Commercial Service
Thomas Maguire, Grand Rapids U.S. Export Assistance Center Office Director
and, Adam Fox, International Trade Assistant
Location: Hancock-Houghton and Marquette (Michigan Works!, 1498 Odovero Dr. Marquett--Tuesday, March 11, 2008 Time: 8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.)
Presentation Topics will include
Increased Markets Worldwide
Benefits of current value of the American dollar
Free Trade Agreements : Existing, Pending, Upcoming
Services we offer to exporters
Required Export Documentation
Getting Paid
For further information or questions, please contact Adam Fox at (616)458-3564, or

3. Clean Tech Innovation & Growth 2008 March 18-19, 2008, San Jose
Conference Center, International Association of Nanotechnology
The Clean Tech Innovation & Growth 2008 will feature leading policy makers, venture capitalists, industry leaders, energy experts and educators in the emerging field of Clean Tech.

The Clean Tech Innovation & Growth Forum 2008 will feature panel discussions on the following topics:
• Advanced Technology Showcase
• Public Policy and regulations
• Infrastructure Development
• Best Practice, Codes and Standards
• Commercialization and Applications
• Investment Opportunities and Challenges
• Education and Workforce Training

4. 6th Annual Green Building Conference March 27-28, 2008
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry partners with the U.S. Green Building Council New York Upstate Chapter to host the Annual Green Building Conference on Thursday, March 27 and Friday, March 28, 2008.

5. Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop March 31 – April 1, 2008; University of Utah
The University of Utah will be hosting "Fostering Sustainable Behavior."
The emphasis in this workshop is on providing participants with the information they need to utilize community-based social marketing in their own work contexts. The early registration deadline is February 22, 2008.

6.  National Student Day of Action to Fight Climate Change Injustice April 4, 2008,  George Washington U; Washington, DC
The National Student Day of Action to Fight Climate Change will bring students together from across the nation to work with their Senators on halting climate change. Students will converge on George Washington University’s campus to receive basic preparation before heading to Capitol Hill to meet with their Senators. Registration deadline is March 24, 2008.

7.  International Conference on Construction and Building Technology in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--16-20 June 2008
 The International Conference on Construction and Building Technology in Kuala Lumpu (ICCBT2008) is part of a continuing series of conferences sponsored by IACT. It is intended that the ICCBT2008 will be a forum for scientists, academicians, researchers, engineers, practitioners, policy makers, private sector companies, as well as individuals involved in construction industries, Building Technology, Civil Engineering to present their research results and findings, state-of-the-art technologies, products and services. The ICCBT2008 hopes to provide a platform for delegates to explore, exchange and update scientific and technological findings and information related to construction and building technology. If you are interested to present a paper(s) please send your abstract or full paper to one of the following e-mail or

8. Lean and Green Summit July 17-18, 2008 St Julien Hotel & Spa Boulder, CO
The Lean and Green Summit will gather industry professionals already making strides toward sustainability and those who want to start making
the short-term AND long-term changes needed. Learn from industry professionals who display a high degree of
business acumen in addressing their company's impact on  the world around them. This first Summit will be a highly collaborative event with a focus on solutions that can be actuated. We all know this will be a long, hard road, but participants in this Summit will come prepared to begin the work.

To save on energy--Please shut off lights, idling equipment, computers, research setups, fume hoods and exhaust fans whenever possible, and also keep windows and doors closed. Fume hoods, especially, are huge energy consumers.

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