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Kathleen E. Halvorsen
Associate Professor of Natural Resource Policy - Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: Identification of barriers and opportunities related to implementation of woody bioenergy, understanding relationships to water resources in the U.S. and Mexico. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

David W. Hand
Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Research Interests: Development and application of physical and chemical processes for the recovery, removal, or destruction of organic compounds from air and water streams in industrial processes and the environment. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Robert M Handler
Post-doctoral Researcher
  • Research Interests: Life-cycle assessment [e-mail]   ||  

Patricia A. Heiden
Professor of Chemistry
  • Research Interests: Polymer synthesis and modification, biopolymers and biocomposites, environmentally benign synthesis and processing, electrospinning nanofibers, nanocomposites, nanoparticles, controlled release, polymer durability. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Gretchen L. Hein
Lecturer - Department of Engineering Fundamentals
  • Research Interests: Educational methods, and spatial visualization. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Casey J. Huckins
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies - Biological Sciences
  • Research Interests: Community Ecology of Riparian Systems, Lakes and Streams; Biology and Functional Morphology of Fishes [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Kedmon Hungwe
Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  • Research Interests: The development of cognition in relation to cultural contexts of work, school, and informal settings; Science education; Information and communication technologies; International education [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Jacqueline E. Huntoon
Professor - Geology
  • Research Interests: Evolution of sedimentary basins [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Neil J. Hutzler
Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Center for Science and Environmental Education, 2008 Fellow of SFI
  • Research Interests: Groundwater contaminant transport, biological and physical processes for aquifer and soil restoration, risk assessments, management of household wastewaters, hazardous waste management, and water distribution system analysis. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page



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