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Participating Faculty & Staff
Public Policy/Societal Systems
Mary Durfee
Associate Professor of Government, Department of Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: Great Lakes management, Water Policy and Pollution Prevention [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Hugh S. Gorman
Associate Professor of Environmental Policy and History, Department of Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: relationship between environmental regulations, industrial practices, and socially defined environmental objectives [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Karla Saari Kitalong
Associate Professor, Department of Humanities
  • Research Interests: Visual rhetoric and usability, especially concerning new media contexts such as museums, mixed reality installations, and video games. Informal science learning; process evaluation. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Jeffrey Lidicker
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Research Interests: Sustainable Transportation; Asset Management; Alternative; Fuels/Drive Economics; Railroad Systems Engineering; Discrete Choice Models; Road Ecology [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Carol A. MacLennan
Associate Professor of Anthropology - Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: Sovereign Sugar: Industrialization of the Hawaiian Landscape, 1840-1930, the result of several years of research on the sugar industry and environment in Hawai`i; historical and ethnographic research on early capitalist development and environmental change in North America; mining communities in New Mexico and the Lake Superior basin; and the evolution of mining policy in the US, Canada, and Mexico. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Susan R. Martin
Associate Professor of Archaeology, Department of Social Science
  • Research Interests: Heritage management, Public Archaeology, Prehistoric Technologies, and Native American Political/Resources issues, World Cultural Diversity, Physical Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology, and American Indian Political Issues, Prehistoric Copper and it\'s uses by the native people of the Lake Superior region [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Patrick E. Martin
Industrial Archaeology - Professor
  • Research Interests: Cultural Landscape studies at two mining sites in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska, and a geophysical survey and excavation at Estate Whim, a sugar plantation on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Jingfang Ren
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication
  • Research Interests: Technical communication theory and practice, rhetorical theory, visual rhetoric, usability and participatory design, international and cross-cultural technical communication [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Mark Rouleau
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: Social simulation; Agent-based modeling; Land-use modeling; International relations; European politics; International policy development [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Timothy Scarlett
Associate Professor of Archaeology - Program in Industrial History and Archaeology [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Bruce Seely
Dean of the College of Sciences and Art
  • Research Interests: History of engineering and engineering education; transportation technology, including roads and railroads with a focus on American highway engineers; and the iron and steel industry in the 19th and 20th centuries. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Barry D. Solomon
Professor of Geography and Environmental Policy, Deptartment of Social Sciences
  • Research Interests: Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis, Emissions Trading, Ecological Economics [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Sam Sweitz
Associate Professor of Anthropology & Archaeology
  • Research Interests: Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Social, Economic, and Political Dimensions of Haciendas, Plantations, and Industrial Communities in the American West, Latin America, and the Caribbean; Issues Related to Colonialism, World-Systems Analysis, post-Colonailism, and Globalization; Relevance of Archaeology and Heritage to Identity Formation and Contemporary Social Systems [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Craig Waddell
Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Department of Humanities
  • Research Interests: Classical rhetoric; public participation; building community in local, national, and global contexts; global poverty; communicating health, environmental, and natural-hazard risks; journalism; and qualitative research methods [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page



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