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Scholarships - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

 Supported by the National Science
 Foundation under Grant No. 0806569

  Michigan Tech's S-STEM Program  

The global population of 6.7 billion is expected to reach 9-10 billion during this century. The impacts of population growth and resources over-consumption combined with natural system limits related to freshwater availability have long been understood as a few of the grand challenges to mutually advancing environmental, economic, and societal goals.

To help meet these challenges, the National Science Foundation awarded Michigan Tech an S-STEM Grant. Michigan Tech's S-STEM Program provides need-based scholarships to qualified U.S. graduate students enrolled in the following degree programs:

  • Ph.D. Program in:
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • Peace Corps Master's International M.S. in
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • MS Program in:
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering Science
    • Civil Engineering

In addition to support in the form of scholarships, this program provides travel, mentoring, and partnering opportunities amongst students and faculty to develop a framework and tools in sustainability-related coursework and research activities for building social, economic, and environmental capital at a local level in communities world-wide.

Scholarship amounts will depend on satisfactory completion of application materials, meritorious academic performance, financial need, and availability of funds. Scholarships will not exceed $10,000 annually for the 2008-12 academic years. Qualified MS students will typically be awarded scholarships in their first year only, and these awards will typically be between $5,000 - $10,000, depending on need and availability of funds. Qualified PhD students may receive scholarships up to four times. This funding can be combined with other forms of graduate support.  



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