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Frontier Renewable Resources
Center of Energy Excellence

Principal Investigator:

Michigan Tech (MTU): David Shonnard
Michigan State (MSU): Ray Miller


Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Frontier Renewable Resources


MTU: Dana Johnson, David Watkins, James Frendewey, Greg Graman, Jim Pickens, Barry Solomon, Robert Froese, Kathleen Halvorsen, Ann Maclean, Linda Nagel, Pasi Lautala, Maria Janowiak

MSU: Chris Peterson, Ruben Derderian, Daniel Keathley, Karen Potter-Witter, Larry Leefers, David MacFarlane, Bill Knudson, Paul Bloese, Ajit Srivastava, Bill Cook, Phil Hill, Chris Saffron, Dalia Abbas

Award Amount: $1.95 million
Project Duration: 10/01/2009 - 9/30/2011
Project Summary:

About Frontier Renewable Resources:
Frontier Renewable Resources is owned by Mascoma Corporation, a global leader in cellulosic ethanol research and development, and J.M. Longyear, a Michigan-based national leader in natural resources management. Based in Kinross Township, Michigan, Frontier and its award-winning team are building a commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Kinross Township in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan that is on schedule to be fully operational in 2013. Cellulosic ethanol is ethanol obtained from the non-edible portion of plant materials such as crop byproducts, woody biomass, stalks, stems, and stover. Cellulosic ethanol is identical in composition and performance to ethanol derived from corn and sugar cane.

Mission Statement:
To promote the development and sustainability of the feedstock supply chain from production, availability, and supply through delivery to the facility by developing technologies, tools, and outreach that quantify and increase feedstock supply, facilitate business decisions and promote cost-effective low greenhouse gas supply chain solutions.
This project will be accomplished through the interrelated activities of
4 sub-projects:
Project 1: Feedstock Supply Chain Modeling
Project 2: Increasing Sustainable Biomass Feedstock Availability
Project 3: Improving Forest Feedstock Harvesting, Processing, and Hauling Efficiencies
Project 4: Outreach, Extension
and Technology Transfer



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