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Shadowgraph Image
c from inside the Constant Volume Combustion Vessel enables visualization of the vapor phase of the spray.
This image is taken 1.5 ms after the start of fuel injection.


Direct Injection Ethanol Flex-Fuel Engine Optimization and HC Cold-Start Emissions Reduction for Hybrid Applications

Principal Investigator: Jeff Naber
Sponsor: General Motors Corporation
Co-PIs: John Beard, Donna Michalek
Award Amount: $272,146
Project Duration: 2/1/2007 - 11/30/2009
Project Summary:

This project seeks to better understand and characterize the opportunities available when operating an engine on various blends of ethanol and gasoline.  This work is being conducted in part with a highly sophisticated and heavily instrumented single cylinder research engine based on an advanced four cylinder automotive engine.


Tour the Internal Combustion Vessel

Jaclyn Nesbitt, PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

Other Components Used In Conjunction With the Internal Combustion Vessel Include:
View from the outside.
Controls that determine fuel mixtures to be tested.
Tanks the fuels are drawn from.
Camera captures vaporization images.
Lab Control Center




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